“Do Not Push the Button!” Sentry Safe Lockout | Mr. Locksmith

“Do Not Push the Button!” Sentry Safe Lockout | Mr. Locksmith

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Sentry Safes are the most popular fires safes sold in Canada. Interesting Sentry Safe Lockout in Burnaby Capitol Hill area. The Sentry safe had a sign “Do Not Push Lock Button In” and of course somebody pushed the safe tubular lock in and locked the safe. Unfortunately, the spare Key to unlock the safe was locked inside. The Tubular / Ace lock can be difficult to pick open, however, Mr. Locksmith Burnaby has a special 7 pin Tubular Lock Pick so we were able to pick the lock open without any damage. So if you have a Sentry Safe Lockout call Mr. Locksmith and in many cases the Locksmith can open the Sentry Safe Lockout with no damage to the safe.

Sign saying “Do Not Push Button” Sentry Safe Lockout | Mr. Locksmith

Sentry Safe Lockout and picked open with Special Tubular lock pick | Mr. Locksmith

Mr. Locksmith sells fire and burglary safe types for home and office use. Note that safes come in different sizes and have different locking mechanisms; some safes may be resistant to water and fire while other safes may serve entirely different purposes for your home or business. For example: gun safes and wall safes.Call 604-239-0755 for a free consultation regarding your safe needs.

Note: We provide 24/7 on-site safe opening services.  Call Mr. Locksmith

Our safe opening skills mean ease of mind when it comes to your safe. Our Safe Locksmiths can repair, maintain, service, and open safes of all sizes. Changing combinations.  Getting you into your locked safe is easy.  Call us for a safe solution. When hiring a locksmith, It is suggested you make sure they are experienced with safes. Many locks can be opened with little to no damage. With Mr. Locksmith Burnaby any destructive methods will be discussed with the client and locksmith before they take place.

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Seventy Percent (70%) Electronic Safe Lockouts Can be Avoided

Seventy percent (70%) of Electronic Safe Lockouts and Electronic Safe Problems can be avoided by just having good quality batteries.


Terry Whin-Yates opening locked Sentry Electronic Data Safe


Mr. Locksmith has some of the newest and modern safe tools to open most  Electronic Lock Fire and Data Safes without or with minimal damage to  the safe door and no damage to the safe contents.

Most Electronic Safe lockouts and problems are a result of dead, failed or cheap batteries.  Replace AA or 9 volt batteries with new Duracell Batteries.  Many of the Electronic safe lockouts I attend, I just replace the batteries.  Sometimes the old batteries have corroded the contacts and I use a special Electronic Jump Box as a power boost to safely open the electronic safe. However, seventy percent (70%) of the lockouts I just replace the batteries.

Save yourself from an electronic safe lockout.  To get the newest and freshest batteries buy from a high volume shop like WalMart.  You can buy other batteries and take your chances but we use only Duracell batteries.

Terry Whin-Yates